First thing we do, let’s kill all the leakers

And so it continues. The war on whistleblowers. Famously, of course, Bradley Manning (recently recommended for court-martial…).
Now, CIA agent John Kiriakou. Six such prosecutions in all… more than all prior American administrations combined. Kiriakou, allegedly, disclosed some of the horrific tortures associated with the abuse of Abu Zubaydah, KSM and others. Note that the actual torture is of no concern to this Administration– the disclosure of the waterboarding and other egregious torture, however… that is the highest crime of all. Because…
The “crime,” of course… is embarassing the Empire. This is reminiscent of the Abu Ghraib perps: that they egregiously abused prisoners in their charge wasn’t the problem– they took pictures and let others in on it.
Well, then. This should be of extremely serious concern to us all: after the pathological secretiveness of the Bush Administration, we were promised “transparency.” Instead, we have a war on whistleblowers, and the Obama Administration is making the Bush.Cheney era look like the epitome of open government. And so… here we go again.