Men are from Mars…

I believe the joke was, “they can put a man on the moon… so why can’t we send all of them there?” It IS cool to see that the “Curiosity Rover” has evidently landed on the surface of Mars without crashing and burning (assuming we accept the NASA propaganda that it didn’t– or that the project even exists).
Thing is, I’m delighted to see the government spend money on anything that isn’t either homicide, or a gratuitous subsidy to rich people who bribed members of Congress… so, a cool science project like this that would make any high school robotics program proud… just warms the heart. Will we get any useful scientific data out of this? Hopefully. Will this help in the eventual mission to get men to Mars? Dream on. We’re pretty much out of liquid fuel here as it is; fantasize all you want about “dilithium crystals” or crap like that… the only stars we’re going to travel to are “Star Chambers“… and the United States has already arrived at that point.
Is this a nice development for mankind? Sure– why not? But maybe we should start to appreciate more “elemental things,” like, say, Usain Bolt’s achievements.
Just saying.