Ignore Everything You Know; Just Go With What we Tell you to FEEL

Oy gevalt. There’s nothing else to say in light of the revelations that a Bush-affiliated “independent 527 group” is disseminating a t.v. commercial for use in swing states of course showing the President hugging “and consoling” one Ashley Faulkner, whose mother died on 9-11 because of the President’s own incompetence and spending over a month on vacation and demagoguing about nonsense like missile defense instead of working to defend this nation from terrorism. Wowzers.
We have an established Republican family– supposedly the late Wendy Faulkner of Mason, Ohio took her daughter Ashley to a Bush rally in Ohio four years ago (while this would be inconsistent with Ms. Faulkner’s apparent selfless philanthropy, it would be perfectly consistent with her being an executive with Aon, a role which, of course, put her in the World Trade Center on September 11th). We have the established story line: Bush– the man who responded that his daughter could “clean her room” as he left on vacation leaving her to face an emergency appendectomy on her own and commented that if she couldn’t catch up to the Bush family, “maybe she can clean her room” is a warmer and nicer person, you see, then Senator John “F. as in Fearless” Kerry who, while others stood around, quickly intervened and saved the life of another United States Senator (Chic Hecht (R-Nevada)).
I’d really like to throw up. We’re back to the regular guy horseshit. There is nothing regular about President George Walker Bush, including, I suspect, his bowel movements these days. NOTHING. This is a child of privilege who feels that God talks to him and that he owes the world nothing, despite the fact that everything he has (its about possession as in “ownership society” as the man never earned anything in his life) is a result of an accident of birth and a fortunate name the result of his fortunate birth order.
Well, the president of the “unrelated to the Bush campaign 527 organization”Brian McCabe of the Progress for America Voter Fund, is doubtless also conveniently “unrelated” to one Tony Feather of Progress for America (formed in 2001, and “step parent” of the fund) and a Washington lobbyist who just happened to be the political director of the Bush campaign in 2000. Get the picture? Probably also unrelated to the man asked to be Progress for America Chairman, James Francis, Jr., head of the brilliant multi-level marketing “Bush Pioneers”, the back bone of Dubya’s 2000 campaign fundraising. Probably unrelated to the over $1.6 million in fees paid by the Bush-Cheney campaign to Tom Synhorst, Tony Feather’s partner, and that good old consulting and lobbying firm… No… all “independent” of the Bush campaign. TOTALLY independent, you see. No, that warm President would NEVER take advantage of dirty tricks… no, sirree Laura.
No, Bush just hates these 527’s, now doesn’t he?
This election, given the dismal state of the economy and the debacle in Iraq, really shouldn’t be close. Honestly, where are the ads of 9-11 families decrying Bush for stonewalling the 9-11 Commission (after first getting their loved ones killed in the first place)? I personally watched 9-11 from a block away, lost my job at the time, and was kind of vehrkacht from it all for a while. In addition to losing two people I knew on 9-11 (and a friend lost a brother-in-law), two others I know have died violently since George W. Bush took office– one a UN worker killed in Baghdad at the attack on UN HQ there, and a law school classmate killed (with his wife and three young sons) in a jetliner crash at Sinai (which may or may not have had to do with terrorism, although there was a big-time terrorist alert pending from France, and the plane was headed to Paris). Still, I’d like to see the 9-11 families open up on camera about their actual feelings toward the President.
THANK GOD another group has finally starting showing injured Iraq war veterans at Operation Truth lambasting the lying sack of shit that they had for a commander in chief (btw– give generously, if you can… via digby… who else?).
Two weeks to go, boys and girls. Around a week or so from now, the bell goes (the bell lap) and we go into all out sprint for the finish. Expect dirty tricks, cheap emotional ploys, and quite probably, a terror threat, if not outright attack. But hey… if we knew exactly what, it wouldn’t be a true October surprise.