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Once again, re: matters Ukraine, Brother Dmitry explains it all for you.
Short answer: expect venality, incompetence and misinformation from your favourite Western governments[tm], and their loyal media lackeys. I think Dmitry is a few days off here and there on some of his dates, but his overall analysis is spot on: the world is rapidly falling apart (environmentally, socially, morally, but most especially, because it’s the one we’ll see first most likely, financially…) having just watched the film Reds myself, where Warren Beatty (as John Reid) asks the musical question “why must the poor have to keep paying to ensure that the rich never lose money?”… all I can say is…
Whatever it is seems to have brought the road show that has so recently been playing out all over Middle East/North Africa and Central Asia… up and over a bit to Ukraine. And so, we hear about “Russian aggression” and “atrocities” by the Ukrianian regime, etc., etc.
Honestly, after Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo, not to mention holding the largest percentage of incarcerated population in human history, just who in God’s name is this country and its government to lecture anyone, anytime on matters of human rights, due process, or anything of the kind, any more? Hmmm? Don’t know… I’m not paying attention to our own government’s bloviating. Nor our media’s hand-wringing.
That’s just me.
Don’t know. Just know that you are being propaganda’d bad on this one. What’s going on there? Who the hell knows. Just don’t expect to find out from either the American government or the American media. But then… why should the Ukraine be different from everything else?