Who knows what they’ll drudge up next…

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Apparently, the Clinton camp has sensed that it’s third and long (and has been… for some time!) And, as time keeps ticking off the clock, the play is… go for the bomb!
Anyway, while this Buzzflash piece observes that today’s bomb is the Clinton camp releasing pictures of Obama in traditional Somali attire during his visit to Kenya in 2006… to the Drudge Report of all places… and one wonders. Thus far, any and all attacks of this nature have only reminded us why so many of us can’t stand the (ruthless, self-serving) Clintons… and have tended to backfire. But in some sense, what does Hillary really have to lose by going right to the racist gutter, and right now? Neither Texas nor Ohio have gone for Democrats in the general election for some time, so, if the wells there are poisoned, so what?
The Clinton team’s response– that other leaders are pictured as attired in local garb all the time– only highlights their gall in trying to depict Barack Hussein Osama Obama as African or Middle Eastern… or does it? One of Obama’s selling points is that he spent time growing up in a Muslim country, and is a personal embodiment of the welcoming diversity that makes America great. Which, naturally, the Clinton campaign is trying to use as a last-second wedge issue, in hope against hope that Hillary’s 10 plus losing streak can come to an abrupt end in the Buckeye and Lone Star States.
Don’t know. Let’s just say that tomorrow’s debate in Ohio should be… interesting.