Happy new year

It’s 2015 now. That’s the fifteenth different year in which I have posted something to this blog. A special thanks to those of you still reading… even occasionally… who aren’t some kind of bot. I know I don’t post as often as I once did… but… such is life on a blog that began when I was in my late 30’s… now, in my early 50’s… let’s just say I don’t feel compelled to post as much as I once did.
The year 2014 had its difficulties, and a number of people I care about lost loved ones. Hopefully for you and yours, 2014 also had its upsides.
I’m not going to post any resolutions, or predictions, for the coming year. I’ll just post a suggestion, that you make some progress toward making “baby steps” towards whatever it is that might be (really and genuinely) important to you, be it good health, or loving relationships, or personal contentment or self-development… try to pick one or more of those… you might well consider your “self” to be broader than well, your self to include, oh, your community or environment or something like that… in which case, by all means, working towards making the world a more beautiful and loving place is a darned nice thing to do too.
In fact, devoting your life to that pursuit– and such a life can only be lived moment to moment, in those “baby steps”– will allow just about everything else to fall into place. Go ahead and plant your own garden (metaphorically if you like… and I suggest you try to do it literally as well, even if it means just a few seeds or sprouts in a flower pot). Why? Because it might make you happier.
Happy new year, everyone.