Beware the Ides of March

A finish today at the United Airlines NYC Half today… maybe 500th or so from the end of the field of just under 20,000, in an interesting “reverse split,” as an early exercise- induced-asthma “event” caused numerous stoppages in the first mile… nature of a winter from hell which ostensibly prevented me from running outside until today (despite being signed up for four earlier races… which, for various reasons all associated with weather, I bagged.) Well… puts me at three of the nine races I need to qualify for the 2016 NYC Marathon… which, assuming I finish this year and next, will be 15, and, by the grandfathered rules of the game, would entitle me to permanent guaranteed entry (as well as, evidently, moving me into a limited group that now includes, apparently, 113 people with active streaks of 15 or more consecutive NYC finishes.) I’m 25 behind the leader… had I started marathoning in NYC when I was 13, instead of 38, I’d be right there with him. Anyway, nothing like gasping for air and clutching your chest in the middle of an athletic event to remind you that, amidst the bullshit of this world, the sad reality is… we’re all mortal.
And now… just how did the world learn about “Hillary E-mail-gate?” Could it be… Satan the vast right-wing conspiracy [TM] Obama White House adviser and closest-of-confidantes Valerie Jarrett? So sayeth Rupert’s New York Post. It being the Ides of March, the logical question is, “Et tu Valerie?” (or perhaps “Et tu Barry?”) Obviously, the “source” is the very same source (Edward Klein) who suggested (or if you like “reported”) that Obama was going to favor Elizabeth Warren over Hillary. And hence… “consider the source.”
Still… if [my college classmate] Barack and Hillary [with whom I share a birthday] really do intensely dislike each other… perhaps we finally have something definitive to recommend both (although, to be fair, I suppose they both already hate Bill.)
And c/o her digs-ness, we give you Tom Tomorrow, who tells you all you need to know about the Supreme Court.