Free Mumia Assange

A U.N. Human Rights panel (hilarious as that is to begin with) has just determined that the effective detention of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London) by American lapdogs Britain and Sweden violates international law. It is noted that this is “non-binding” and mostly a matter of moral suasion, but it seems clear that the Western imperial nations, should they refuse to abide by the ruling (as seems inevitable) will have a harder time going forward using this sort of ruling to embarrass weaker states (say, in Africa or Latin America) when similar rulings come down against them. The American imperial imperative to silence the would-be whistleblowers of the world willing to embarrass the empire and its enablers will, ahem, trump, as it were.
It may be a few days after Groundhog Day, but… is it?