Beware the Ides of March

I just love quoting Shakespeare, even if there’s no particular context. The Grey Lady treats us to an analysis of five huge primaries today (for the record, FL, IL, OH, NC and MO). Bottom line: in 24 hours or so, Trump will be a little bit closer to the GOP nomination, Rubio will be gone, and Cruz and Kasich will be emboldened to fight on, and in Democratic action, Hillary will continue her dominance of states with big Black populations, and Bernie will do very well in the Rust Belt… but he ain’t goin’ anywhere will be the real takeaway.
I’ve been invited to speak on a GTMO related panel at this year’s Left Forum, with very distinguished panelists… I will provide details as they develop. And hence, in honor or the occasion, just maybe I’ll get myself going on either publishing or self-publishing “the interviews.”
In other news, I finished marathon #43 [?] in the nation’s capital, just a week after not finishing a 50K in Long Island.
Here’s probably as good an idea as we have this electoral season: