Go for the gusto

After failing to secure the requisite diversion from Fitzgerald’s laser-like focus with the Harriet Miers thing, with the insanely profligate Katrina recovery package, with the threatened veto of the torture ban, or with the “stunning success” we are having in Iraq after the process we rigged to ensure that the constitution would pass resulted in the constitution passing, Karl decided it was time to commence the Saddam Hussein show trials… a very (VERY) courageous presiding Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin wisely adjourned said Saddam show trial for around six weeks to permit preparation of some kind of meaningful defense.
Well, who knows? Maybe, the Saddam trials will come to greatly resemble the
war crimes trial of Bush and Cheney Nuremberg trials, which began sixty years ago this week. Or maybe they will resemble the trial of Milosevic, that seems to be mired in procedural circles and has been going on for years with no end– indeed no beginning– in sight. Maybe the Iraqis will assert themselves (pay no attention to the men behind the curtains) and actually try to give this murderous bastard and his Baathist co-defendants something resembling a fair trial, despite the desires of the Bush Administration. For one thing, maybe the Iraqis will be smart enough to take the death penalty off the table; while our genius President would fail to see the (insanely stupid and unnecessarily gravely) negative consequences of an attempt to execute a former leader of a sovereign nation that we invaded without provocation… I suspect even Condi and Cheney and Rumsfeld might be able to see the problems with it, particularly given that the currently “sovereign” Iraqi government clearly remains an American ward and protectorate.
Or maybe they can’t.
Who knows? To his credit, Arafat had the decency to just up and die (albeit under circumstances that might have been… controversial…) So, perhaps Saddam who, after all, is himself in his 60’s and has a very bad back and I understand other health problems, might, you know, oblige us likewise, and save us all this trouble. Or perhaps someone will come up with something creative, like sentencing Saddam to banishment somewhere, or else, better yet, just decide to ignore him until he dies or something (the only fitting punishment, to be honest: having him wallow in obscurity for the rest of his days.)
Just another one of many, many loose ends we have left, as part of the very, very large mess to clean up that we have created in Iraq. As with all projects of the Bush Administration… look over there!