Erev 9-11-XV Pot Pourri

Item: Right here in invariably-tolerant-Brooklyn [TM], a 32-year old woman with the all-American name of Emirjeta Xhelili decided to accost, attack and assault two hijab-wearing women pushing baby strollers, including nearly toppling over a stroller carrying a 15-month old baby, suggesting strongly that they get … out of America. Yes Ms. Xhelili is a proud Trump supporter, but… you know…
Perhaps Ms. Xhelili is in that “basket of deplorables” to which Hillary Clinton attributes half of Trump supporters (the other half being people “just looking for change.”) Name calling… good strategy. Calling your opponents xenophobic racists really worked well with that Brexit thing, IIRC… Oh, yeah… To be fair, leading Democrats do wonder just why Hillary can’t pull away from Clarabell Bozo Donald Trump.
Item: One of the President’s hometown newspapers, the Chicago Tribune, treats us to an op-ed piece called “Why Obamacare Failed.” It suggests a death-by-a-thousand-cuts problem (the law is psychotically complicated) and, as wonks these days do, fails to recognize that the problem is quite fundamental: the existence of “health insurance” for anything except catastrophe (the usual reason we have insurance) as the problem in the first place, and the fact that the only viable system to replace our existing dysfunctional order will be four simple letters (spelled “cash”), and that complexity is the problem, and not the solution.
Item: The Grey Lady does a number of interesting things in this semi-hit-piece called “The Curious Case of Susan Estrich” (which at least appears to be written by a woman… at least…) Ms. Estrich was, famously, the first woman president of the Harvard Law Review (sadly too early to make it a Presidential credential, Barack), the first female Presidential campaign director (for Mike Dukakis), a staunch supporter of Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing kerfuffle, and, yada yada yada, a long-time Fox News talking head and eventual friend and defender (literally… as in defense attorney) of embattled former Fox News honcho Roger Ailes. Somehow, it seems, Ms. Estrich, as a supposedly pioneering feminist, is not permitted to have asshole friends, or even asshole legal clients. But the piece gives itself away, by observing that when a partner at Ms. Estrich’s own law firm took on Bill Cosby as a client, he (suppose it was a he) took on far less guff than Ms. Estrich for representing Ailes. Got it… No double-standards here, eh Grey Lady?
And. well… I could go on and on I guess. but… Item: what 9-11 (or even Erev 9-11) could possibly go on without Mr. 9-11 himself, America’s Ex-Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Rudy, evidently, came unglued, and the old prosecutor cracked under questioning by Chris Matthews concerning the Donald’s Birtherism.
Good times. Happy Erev 9-11 Everyone!!!