Dog Days of August

I am pleased to say that Familia TD spent a pleasant (if frenetic) week outside of the jurisdiction of the Trump Administration in the (quite literally) great White North… nay, even further north, where I ran in the 35th Reykjavik Marathon (the plus/minus six hour finishing time consistent with what I’ve come to expect as a heavier than I’d like to be man in my mid-50’s). Mrs. TD and the soon-returning-to-college Loquacious Pup and I all enjoyed some fabulously clean, brisk air and amazingly good food amidst one of the world’s most fascinating landscapes (including volcanos and geothermal emanations that often result in… spas!!!)
During the marathon race portion of the adventure, I encountered a pair of runners (in the half portion of the event) dressed in togas, as a god and goddess to be determined. The goddess appears to also be a proprietor of a fascinating web-site.
But after a somewhat stressful time with a low-end rental car that I found difficult to drive (and impossible on all but paved roads, of which Iceland has many, but still many more unpaved roads) at least we got a week of relief from the national circus of a press corps forever waiting with baited breath on the ravings of a huckster and circus ringmaster who, if he is not an outright traitor in service of Russia, maybe even scarier, because then he can only be explained as pathologically stupid (as well as amoral). Hey TD… why can’t he be ALL OF THOSE? Well, the evidence certainly supports it.
Alrighty then. I will continue the little I can to provide comfort to those afflicted with our deliberately cruel immigration system, especially those held in detention by it, and to do good deeds in general. And I will check in on my vegetables after a long hiatus (which I understand included rain here in the New York area while we were gone).
I was about to try to get into some news items, and actually stressed myself out as I was typing them… nope. We’ll leave it there. Bad enough to be greeted to this country by an endless line just to get through passport control, because. you know, why should our government provide services to anyone except billionaires?
Enjoy the rest of your summer, and don’t feed the trolls (especially the orange clown).