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January 27, 2004, NHP-- some more... 4:25 pm

Here's something I can get into: Keene, NH blogger Lorianne Schaub of Hoarded Ordinaries (thanks to Kathleen of Unsettled for the heads up in both comments and e-mail) has her own personal statement on why she likes what she saw of John Edwards. Checking out Lorianne's blogroll and side bar, one notes lots of cool new agey kind of stuff, which makes sense, since Lorianne seems to be a cool, new agey writer and college instructor.

As noted in comments, a turnout of 300,000 (73%) would show extraordinary interest; its also nearly twice what state officials are estimating, according to what I've read. Well, as I said-- the people of New Hampshire seem to live to confound the experts-- so we'll just have to wait and see...

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