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May 1, 2004, Not in sorrow but in ANGER

This week's visit to Pravda exemplifies the reason I give you snippets from distinctly "foreign" sources every week: the extensive stories of American troops (and especially our unaccountable because-Bremer-has-exempted-them-from-all-possible-criminal-liability mercenary contractors) torturing Iraqi prisoners at the very same complex where Saddam's men did their worst.

To be fair, its not just Pravda that's covering this, but virtually every other newspaper and news service outside of the United States. Indeed, Al Jazeerah and Arab media are blasting the photos everywhere. Not so here. Its much quieter-- barely reported at all, and certainly few, if any photos are shown. Here, stateside, we have a fucked up media environment. Assholes like the Sinclair Broadcast Group dare not show a Ted Koppell Nightline broadcast in which he honors Americans lost in Iraq by reading their names and showing pictures-- because in the view of heavy GOP contributor Sinclair, even acknowledging that there ARE war dead is somehow a boon to war opponents, i.e., Democrats. So, at least so far, we see pretty much silence on this. Of course the Bushmen (and FCC Chairman Michael son of you know who Powell) ARE DELIGHTED with the American media doing their bidding by censorship THEY don't have to be accused of: good old private self-censorship by a consolidated media. Heysomehow, telling the American people the complete costs of this war (such as over 700 dead, and now the complete loss of civilized humanity among at least some of our war participants) "isn't supporting our troops".

Well, fuck all of them. The fat cat media whores are God damned worse than the redneck racist sadists. (I say that, because as I look at the pictures of American participants and count the number of African American or other soldiers of color, among albeit a selected sample, the number I've seen is zero). At least the soldiers at least originally volunteered to do something noble in defense of this country until they got sidetracked. They got sidetracked into barbarity by the certain joy, if not direct orders, of their commanding officers (AND ESPECIALLY OF THE SICK FUCK SADIST IN CHIEF). These bastards MUST-- MUST-- BEAR 100% personal responaibility for this (AND btw, if President George W. Bush is restored to office in November for another term, then the American people AS A WHOLE share in the blood on his hands for this). Because we just engaged in precisely the same shit Saddam engaged in. (BTW-- I'm sure somewhere in private, Bush and Cheney, fresh off their OWN mockery of democracy via the Warren, I mean, 9-11 Commission, are getting a good old belly laugh about all this-- in private, Bush's "sense of humor" favors the sadistic. Jut thought you should know.)

We have now just demonstrated that we are not "as bad" as Saddam and the Iraqi torturers. If this horseshit is what we as a nation condone, oh fuck-- if this is what we STAND FOR-- then we, a civilized nation, are so infinitely WORSE that I can't even tell you. Because in the end, with all our wealth, all our power, all our privileges, all our freedoms, all our moral sanctimony-- the culmination of a massive act of aggression done for lies and then "to liberate the Iraqi people" as political cover, has simply resulted in nothing more than the replacement of swarthy domestic torturers for fair-skinned foreign ones.

If every American (nay, every civilized human being) who learns of this outrage is not incredibly angry about this to the point of totale rage, then, as far as I'm concerned, they can go to hell too.

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This may be why Bush may win:

Then in 1988, when we won with the Bush senior campaign and carried the highest total of evangelical votes ever in American history, we lost as we always do -- the Republicans -- we lost the Jewish vote and the Hispanic vote and all those votes. We lost the Catholic vote. We were the first modern presidency to win an election and it was a landslide and not win the Catholic vote. It was barely, but we lost the Catholic vote.

How did we do it? We carried 82 percent or 83 percent of the evangelical vote. I remember when it was all over-- this was one of the reasons I got a job in the White House -- but I remember when it was all over, there was great shock from me and others saying, "Whoa, this is unhealthy." We immediately began going after the Catholic vote.

While at the same time, we were frightened by the fact that we lost all these votes and still won the White House. The message did come home. My God, you can win the White House with nothing but evangelicals if you can get enough of them, if you get them all, and they're a huge number. ...

The Jesus Factor

Posted by neochristian at May 1, 2004 01:35 PM

Whenever I hear Mr. Hersh being interviewed, to me he always seems very curt and no-nonsense. Now I see how a journalist has to be this way; there is no way to put a happy face on any of this stuff. What will Hersh say when he gets the inevitable question to contrast and compare to My Lai?

Posted by Webster Hubble Telescope at May 2, 2004 01:26 AM

Well That would be a real interesting question if he asked that !

Posted by Jave at May 22, 2004 07:54 AM

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