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July 15, 2004, There's a new Sheriff In Town...

Iraqi "interim" (meaning as long as he lives, I s'ppose) PM and strongman Iyad Allawi has announced tough new crackdown measures against insurgents in his nation, including the formation of a new internal intelligence unit which he insists will make Saddam Hussein's Mukhabarat secret police look like a bunch of girl scouts. ("See, we brought freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people, 'cause we are opposed to the terrorists who hate us for our freedom.")

I suppose the difference here is that Allawi has no particular personal public animus to the Bush family, will have far less problem allowing the President's friends and business partners unfettered and unlawful control of Iraq oil, and significantly, will likely allow permanent American bases on Iraqi soil. The Kurds are a tad... apprehensive?

Fortunately, the whole invasion into Iraq thing is justified, says Lord Butler, even if the Arab world-- an audience we all keep forgetting about-- thinks (well, knows, actually) that the Butler Report (which more or less excused Mr. Blair for his war crimes, and down-played miserable British intelligence failures-- in some cases calling them unequivocal intelligence successes) is just another whitewash.

Frankly, I am disappointed by my man Senator Edwards, the rap upon whom is his callowness, for trying to assert that somehow, the fecklessly exonerated Mr. Blair "had taken full responsibility" for the contents of the Butler Commission report (which struck him with the impact of a feather pillow, if that), whereas Mr. Bush is running away from the various intelligence assessments coming out here. Bullshit, I call: both Blair and Bush should be in the dock for war crimes-- nothing short thereof. Worse-- Blair was smart enough to know better. If Blair were actually to "take full responsibility", it would commence with his resignation and voluntary surrender to the I.C.C. in the Hague.

I understand Senator Edwards' need to try to score political points here, he is, after all, running for something. However, he himself, despite sitting on the Senate Intelligence Committee himself, still voted for the God damned war (probably, because he is callow), despite being in a better position to know the actual intelligence assessments than anyone (including his running mate) outside of the Bush Administration's inner circle. Hence, if I were him, I would not go near this-- I would stay the Cheney away from all discussions of the run-up to the war, and confine myself to the conduct of the war itself (and Bush's refusal to take responsibility for that), and of course, to the fact that OBL is still out there because Bush's "priorities in the war on terror TM" are all wrong".

We will (and we will) beat Mr. Bush not because we are simply better at playing dirty than he is-- but because we are better than him. Let's start acting like it. NOW.

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In a speech I just saw on TV (while I was passing thorugh the cafeteria), John Kerry said of Bush "This president seems to have a problem with the truth." I loved that he said it. It's just another point on which John Kerry and I agree.

Posted by WallyCoxLives at July 15, 2004 11:53 AM

"GOP to Tout Genetic Screening at Convention"

In an effort to counter Ron Reagan Jr.'s appearance on behalf of stem cell research at the Democratic Convention this month, the GOP plans to propose federal funding for genetic screening research at its convention.
A film will be shown featuring healthy young babies (for the most part white, unless you include the nannies) as the realized results. For some reason, these babies are dressed in brown and goosestep.
Perhaps by coincidence, the major drug companies will be hosting a reception that evening.

Posted by Fatt Nudge at July 15, 2004 12:33 PM

Huh? Genetic screening to what purpose? If you oppose abortion, pre-natal genetic screening doesn't help much. If you oppose genetic therapies, post-natal genetic screening doesn't help much. Perhaps they are supporting genetic screening for the purpose of determining who should be sent to the ovens and who should instead be given scholarships to figure-skating or violin school? (And for those who are offended by this line of questioning, I'm truly sorry. I freely admit that this administration has made me overwrought.)

Posted by mamayo at July 15, 2004 01:21 PM

Fatt N, it just now occurred to me that you may have been joking. Sorry if I ruined your joke. I'm slow, it's true, but I still think the plausibility of your suggestion speaks volumes.

Posted by mamayo at July 15, 2004 01:25 PM

I thought you enhanced the joke, mamayo. Nothing makes satire funnier than when someone believes it is true. It is a curious thing, but I have seen several satirical statements about Bushco in recent days that have been mistaken for truth. It's a mark of how bizarre this administration is that the most outlandish statements are believable. Not only that, but I've seen follow-ups from real Bush supporters supporting the satirical statements.

Posted by WallyCoxLives at July 15, 2004 02:16 PM

Don't have the source for this, but I think it was The Onion. Anyway, I saw this the other day and it nearly fooled me and I believe it fooled a few other people:

"As the Coalition's rule draws to a close, the numbers show that we have an awful lot to be proud of," Bremer said Tuesday. "As anyone who's taken a minute and actually looked at the figures can tell you, the vast majority of Iraqis are still alive-as many as 99 percent. While 10,000 or so Iraqi civilians have been killed, pretty much everyone is not dead."

Posted by WallyCoxLives at July 15, 2004 02:28 PM

"WallyCoxLives Nearly Fooled"

In a rare display of humility that was tantamount to a courtroom shocker, Mr. WallyCoxLives admitted on this site that something nearly fooled him.
When questioned about it, Mr. WallyCoxLives only stated "While I've been right almost 100% of the time, when I'm wrong you hardly notice."

Posted by Fatt Nudge at July 15, 2004 03:23 PM

Actually, Wally, our performance is even better than that-- Iraq has a population of 26 million, so to get to 1%, we'd have to kill damned near 260,000 of the little bastards-- and damned if we got anywhere NEAR THAT! I mean, just think how much better Iraq is doing than, say, Stalingrad or Leningrad was in '43 and '44...
But WILL YOU turn that frown upside down-- because sarcasm, negative talk and bad feelings didn't get a single Iraqi school painted, now did it? [with thanks to the poor man for that line...]

Fatt Nudge--
You're starting to get like that guy who does a web thing with a last name that rhymes with you-- you like to pull our leg a lot! They don't realy mean to do hand implants, now do they? Or do they? And this one today... just too close to what they will ACTUALLY do-- which is invent a "prescription drug benefit" calculated (no, MANDATED-- the government is BY LAW NOT ALLOWED TO NEGOTIATE FOR LOWER PRICES) to drive up drug prices (and profits) at taxpayer expense...

I fall for a lot of that Fatt guy's stuff, too... The fact is, its so close to what's ACTUALLY happening, that its hard to argue with...

Posted by the talking dog at July 15, 2004 03:29 PM

Just too subtle, I guess. Usually only Mrs. TD can get me going . . .

Posted by mamayo at July 15, 2004 04:22 PM

Well done, Fattman.
I haven't seen this many liberals fooled since Hillary ran for the Senate.

Posted by They Call Me Mr. Crabcake at July 15, 2004 06:49 PM

Gee, one person was fooled and Crablice gloats with, as an added bonus, a typically witless remark about Senator Clinton. Good work, Crablice. Stupid much?

Posted by WallyCoxLives at July 16, 2004 05:29 PM

"Gee, one person was fooled and Crablice gloats, as an added bonus, a typically witless remark about Senator Clinton. Good work, Crablice. Stupid much?"

The above quote is an impostor and is not by me. I have come to appreciate and respect the comments of Mr. Crabcake, and I will not abide the actions of an impostor trying to create trouble. You sir, are warned.

Posted by WallyCoxLives at July 17, 2004 02:38 PM

Gee whiz, Wally,
This split personality thing is really confusing me. One half of you thinks I'm witless, and the other half thinks I'm witty.
That makes at least one of us a half-wit.

Posted by They Call Me Mr. Crabcake at July 17, 2004 04:12 PM

The work [of software development] is becoming far easier (i.e. the tools
we're using work at a higher level, more removed from machine, peripheral
and operating system imperatives) than it was twenty years ago, and because
of this, knowledge of the internals of a system may become less accessible.
We may be able to dig deeper holes, but unless we know how to build taller
ladders, we had best hope that it does not rain much.
-- Paul Licker

Posted by paxil at July 21, 2004 08:13 PM

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