TD Contest Announcement

It’s now 60 days until the November 2, 2004 election. Accordingly, I’m pleased to announce the talking dog’s “pick the margin of victory” contest.
On November 2, 2004, will President Kerry be elected by the minimum 270 electoral votes? A decisive 300 e.v.’s? A blowout at 350 or more? Or will John Kerry snatch defeat from the jaws of the victory that Economic He-Man Ahnold and Unmedicated Zell and Catatonic Dick just handed him, and it will be President Bush with the gaudy electoral college numbers?
Just tell me in comments to this (or any other!) post, or in e-mail, what your prediction is, “Bush X, Kerry Y, Nader Z (for zero)”, and what percentage of the popular vote the candidates will receive (nearest 10th of 1 per cent) as a tie-breaker. (Hint: answers should add up to “538”electoral votes). The winner will receive lunch with the talking dog (and on his dime) at famed New York eatery Bouley. (Your talking dog always regarded David Bouley as somewhat of a genius for having figured out how to profit from the 9-11 tragedy, by providing meals to WTC recovery workers at a healthy mark-up.)
In the event the contest winner is from outside of the Greater New York area, you’ll just have to get here somehow (although if Greyhound or the Chinese bus company runs a cheap enough special, I’ll consider going halfsies.) Multiple entries may be submitted, however the latest entry by a participant will be considered superceding of all prior entries; entries close at 11:59 p.m. EST on November 1st.
There will, of course, be various “bonus” point possibilities to be announced as time goes on and I feel like it (and the possibility of multiple winners). Right now, however, your talking dog (personally) anticipates a tight Kerry win (282 to 256), with a similarly close (49.4 to 46.3) popular vote victory. But this contest is about YOU, and your guesses, and if you feel like posting them (or telling me, and I’ll post them), your rationales, witticisms, complaints, etc. will just add to the fun.
Winner to be announced on November 3rd, or whenever the Supreme Court says its ok for me to announce.
Bon chance, et bon appetite. Enjoy the holiday weekend.