More of your Government’s “Hard Work”

Even your somewhat partisan talking dog was somewhat taken aback during one of the presidential debates when the moderator asked the President and Senator Kerry about the looming shortage of flu vaccine. I didn’t really think an unfortunate contamination was a political issue; until you realize that, as Mark A.R. Kleiman tells us, ONLY the United States will suffer a vaccine shortage, because our government dithered while others arranged alternative supplies (and thanks to the on-fire veep for the heads-up).
Surprise, surprise. Another catastrophic cock-up from the Bush Administration that will unquestionably result in thousands of additional American deaths. As someone who works in downtown Manhattan (as I did on the morning of September 11, 2001), I already regard the continuation of the Bush Administration as a threat to my life and health; other Americans feel differently at their own grave personal peril.
Six days to go. Time to clean house… and senate… and executive mansion…