Warning in America

Not even his resignation today (along with that of Commerce Secretary Don Evans) could stop Attorney General John Ashcroft from continuing to pursue the Bush Administration’s obsession with pre-cradle to grave control of the most private aspects of your lives. Case in point, is the appeal of a Ninth Circuit decision which precluded federal prosecutions against Oregon doctors (acting pursuant to a state law) who prescribed lethal dosages of drugs to cancer patients to hasten their deaths and ease their pain.
I’m sure we can look forward to the Supreme Court backing up their boy by the usual 5-4 decision.
Ominously, since Junior owes his second term to the fundies– and knows it– he will make pursuing their agenda– i.e., preventing women from terminating unwanted pregnancies while still making it harder for them to obtain birth control, and then keeping people in extreme pain from ending their misery while still denying their famililes more expansive medical coverage, a big part of “the mandate”… that “political capital” he will now spend.
Four more years.