Turns out you DO go to war with the army you have…

Steve Darnell, writing to Pravda and thereby constituting this week’s visit, has to go all the way back to the winter of 1777 as the basis for this piece lauding Secretarissimo Rumsfeld and his catty response to PFC Wilson’s inquiry as to why American vehicles in Iraq aren’t properly armored (one fact which accounts for around, oh, half of American combat deaths in that theater).
General George Washington, you see, had to endure privations at Valley Forge, and American infantry men always bitch.
No point in noting that the American military, at Rummy and Dubya’s directions, geared up for an uncontested cakewalk because actually preparing for an actual war and occupation would have involved sufficient expenditures and deployment that make the war a tad less politically palatable.
But hey: you go into the discretionary wars on the cheap you can’t objectively justify with what you have.