When Donkeys Behave Like Asses

In my never-ending commission of ongoing liberal apostasy, I give you this link I received from “Democrats for America’s Future” via e-mail, which asks the musical question “Why does Don Rumsfeld still have a job?”
And the answer is, because John Kerry ran a horrible campaign flying in the face of the overwhelming majority of Democrats, and the Democrats who abandoned what little principle they stood for (which this cycle, meant one thing: “NO WAR”) in the interest of “winning”, and achieved… neither. Now, we can’t even take solace in defeat. We advanced NOTHING. Oh– did I mention we lost because the Democrats are unprincipled cowards (or worse; speaking of the Democrats’ unbelievable backstabbing of putative standard-bearer Howard Dean in exchange for milquetoast “war hero” John Kerry, no less than Ann Coulter suggested “the Democrats aren’t even man enough to nominate a genuine coward“.
Ah, but Ann the Man is wrong: we DID nominate a coward. Just about the worst coward we’ve EVER nominated, actually. Why? Because all John Kerry has EVER stood for is covering his own ass politically: how else can you justify voting FOR Gulf War II while voting AGAINST Gulf War I? I mean, the other way, both or neither… sure. But THAT WAY? AND ONLY HE VOTED THAT WAY, no less. That alone should have been a disqualifying factor for Democrats, instead of somehow something desirable…
But Kerry was a one-man manifestation of what is wrong with the Democratic Party, and has been wrong for a long time. We have no positive agenda (in Kerry’s case, it was “I have a plan for this, and a plan for that…”) which usually meant “spend more money”. Howard Dean (the genuine coward) said “we’ll restore the lost revenues from the ridiculous tax cuts by reversing them– ALL OF THEM– not just politically ass covering ones that somehow cover the middle class.” Result: Dean had to be portrayed as a madman… by Democrats. (BTW– Edwards also had the stuff: trying to restore the party of the American dream, by noting that the Republicans CHEAT– only the Democrats can assure the fair rules of play that can permit Americans the opportunities to grow prosperous…. and Edwards was a Southerner– the only kind of Democrat who can be elected President, to boot… although, pro-gun rural state Dean had a damned good chance.)
But what did Kerry do? He dissembled. I’m against abortion m’self, but favor its unlimited legality on demand; I’m against gay marriage… except… God… fucking… damn… it!!!
You’re going to be tarred for this shit anyway– have the God damned balls to stand for something. You know what? I don’t really like the idea of two men getting married– but our laws have so many benefits applicable to married couples at this point, that its UNFAIR to deny a same sex couple similar benefits, and if gay marriage is the only way to do it… well, then God damn it, SO BE IT. And you know what? I AM going to raise your God damned taxes– because I’m not going to put our economy into a cocked hat next year, or the year after that, or saddle our children and grandchildren with debt, because WE ARE IRRESPONSIBLE. AND TAXES AREN’T SOME GOD DAMNED FANTASY: THEY PAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT. You don’t like it– you tell me which spending I can cut, o.k.?
Anyway– it may come as a surprise (or not) to most of you that I am far, far madder at Democrats for nominating a zero (or worse, a less than zero) like John Kerry, than I am at the country for reelecting the worst President in living memory. Really. Because this one was easy: all we had to do was nominate a zero. And we couldn’t even do it. We had to go out of our way to find someone who could EASILY portrayed as less principled than Bush. And we achieved it.
Democrats, heal thyselves. We can whine about Bush cheating all we want… this election ain’t gettin’ undone. We can whine all we want about the stupidity of our countrymen; it ain’t gonna make ’em any smarter, and it ain’t gonna make ’em like us or our party. OR… we can burn down our own party structure which has given us nothing but losers for decades (and Bill Clinton, who owes his presidency to Ross Perot, this most ESPECIALLY means you and your wife, my senator), and start over with something that resembles a party with cojones– a party that, when it controlled the senate, wouldn’t dream of letting the President get away with an ass covering vote to commit this country to aggression, or roll over on tax cuts (and just about everything else, except, of course, heaven help us lower court judges who might oppose abortion… like what they think matters on that issue.)
Alrightie then… whose with me…?