“Unsportsmanlike Conduct on the Red Team.” Fifteen Yards, Enforceable on the Kickoff…

The President gave an interview on Air Force One to The Washington Post. (Hat tip for the heads up to Bruce the Veep and the Daou Report.) The President said his reelection constituted a complete and total endorsement by the American people of everything– EVERYTHING, INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY THE MISTAKES– associated with the Iraq war.
While this will constitute liberal apostasy, I agree with him. COMPLETELY. Indeed, Democrats supported the President on this– why else would we have nominated someone who voted for the war if we didn’t think the war was a good and noble thing? Especially when we had two better candidates (in every way) who opposed the war? Further, said nominee expressly refused to tell us his war vote was a mistake. He even told us that even knowing everything he knew as of mid 2004, he still did not consider the war a mistake… So, I submit to you, that something like 99% of the electorate voted for a candidate who favored the war (even I voted for such a candidate, though I protested the war in 2003, and railed against the nomination of the Democratic candidate until his nomination became mathematically locked… but I digress).
The President said a couple of other interesting things in the interview. He went along with the White House refusal to reimburse the always cash-strapped District of Columbia government for something like $12,000,000 for extra inaugural security (DC always votes Democratic, of course) while noting that the inauguration might make DC a terrorist magnet, with no evidence to support this. If I were the DC mayor, I would convene the City Council, and get a vote not to spend that money at all— the White House can either pay for the security– or not have it at all. That’s just me, of course.
The President stated he would not be planning to cut benefits for the 40% or so of social security recipients receiving disability or survivor benefits. He just wants to f*** with the other 60%– you know: old people. (Social security is, I surmise– a spectacular cover for something else I haven’t figured out; GOP House and Senate members DO NOT want to run for reelection “having voted to destroy social security”…) Frankly, the President tells us that the social security system is doomed some forty years hence. That takes some faith. After years of telling us about Saddam’s WMDs (not even WMD program relatede activities even existed) and terrorist ties, to be taken on faith, there is no reason to believe the President on this. Not to worry: his own party will draw the line. As I said– what I am wondering is what he intends to slip through under cover of the social security debate… We’ll see, I suppose…
Finally, the President decided to kick sand in the face of his most loyal supporters– the people who came out to the polls to support his gay-bashing agenda. He said he had no plans to actively work for the passage of the “sanctity of straight marriage amendment”, or whatever the Newspeak term is for constitutional gay-bashing. The question, of course, will be whether Democrats will be smart enough (for once, maybe) to get the message out there that the President’s “moral values” rhetoric (God hates gays, God hates women-who-don’t-want-to-stay-at-home-and-pump-out-WHITE-children-for-their-abusive-husbands, God hates the poor, infirm and elderly) is just talk– he REALLY is using that as cover for his corporatist agenda that IN REALITY punishes rural White males as much as urban Black females. While I’m not optimistic, the fact that the President has made this so simple with this interview (he’s a simple kind of guy) should help get this out there.
It’s going to be a fun four years, and it hasn’t even started. Welcome to Dodge. Stay alert. Stay alive.