On 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court Reaffirms Right to Chose… to Murder Defenseless Spouse…

Probably the likely reason why I was nominated for “best non-liberal blog” last year was because of my position in the Terri Schiavo case, a position that, alas, has been reversed by the judicial killers in Tallahassee and now the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to intervene. Terri Schiavo, you will recall, fell into a semi-vegetative state (she can breathe on her own, but cannot swallow and hence needs a feeding tube, though she apparently is conscious a fair amount of the time) over a decade ago. Successfully contending that her condition was the result of a doctor’s medical malpractice, her husband, Michael Schiavo, as her representative, won a large settlement, stipulated that it be used for Terri’s care.
And there’s the rub. In what I view as a hopeless conflict (that Michael Schiavo can absolve himself of either by divorcing Terri and renouncing his claim to the money, or just renouncing his claim to the money) Michael Schiavo instead of using the money (doled out; if she died, there would be a lump sum IIRC) for Terri’s care (such as therapy which may have improved her condition), he instead hired a “right to death” lawyer and has been trying to use the court system to kill Terri for well over a decade.
After the law of Florida was changed by statute to overturn the earlier ruling of the Florida Supreme Court, that court then overturned the statute overturning it! And that’s where we are.
Michael Schiavo, now living with another woman and two children by her, insists solely on his own word that he and the then 26 year old Terri discussed what they wanted to do if Terri fell into a persistent semi-vegetative state, and even though Terri didn’t leave a living will or writing on this subject of any kind, Michael said her preference– HERS– forget that its also his own– is to KILL HER, KILL HER, KILL HER…
In New York, at least I was taught in law school, for a spouse to be able to intercede to remove life-sustaining measures like a feeding tube, the evidence has to be UNEQUIVOCAL– a living will. But Florida, you see, has a plethora of inconvenient old people and is willing to draw the line differently– allowing the unsupported testimony of financially interested parties, for example, to decide matters of life and death.
So, here we are. Ms. Schiavo is the poster child for the termination of inconvenient life. And unlike abortion, this one isn’t so complicated: the only other being she is attached to is money Michael Schiavo wants to get on with his life, with Terri safely in the ground.
A strange case, where liberals side with those who value money over human life, and I find myself in complete agreement with JEB Bush. But that’s life, something we have all been taking a little too cavalierly.