Survival of the Specie?

That would be referring to our rapidly depreciating legal tender, the yankee dollar. This week’s visit to our comrades at Pravda gives us this story on the decline of the dollar as against the euro, the ruble, and you name it, as various Asian central banks (especially those of the nations that house our new labor force, India and China) are shifting dollar holdings into euros.
Most interesting is that virtually all of the weakness in the dollar has occurred since 2001. That of course was when that destruction of the American economy became the principle goal of the American government, for some reason that continues to elude many of us, including m’self (thanks to Avedon for that masterpiece).
You see, the European Central Bank has made balanced budget targets and that sort of thing pretty much a de regeur part of being in the Euro-zone. The result has been a pretty robust European economy, even though their people have 5 week vacations, 35 hour work weeks, actual health and education and pension benefits, public transportation and that sort of thing, along with regulations and high taxes, and generally a pretty good standard of living for all. We, instead, are hell-bent on giving a tax break to our wealthy, who were already BY FAR the least taxed people in the Western world. We also have an unbelievable trade deficit primarily the result of imported oil, while we make it ever more of a priority to consume more oil, instead of conserving it. We’re also shifting to “a service economy”, which, you may properly read as “McDonalds and Walmart”.
The price of all of this is, of course, our eventual social destruction, preceded, of course, by the worthlessness of our currency, caused mostly by endless and unnecessary government deficits (again, a one year spending increase freeze coupled with a rollback of the Bush tax cuts reduces our budget deficit from around 4-5% GDP to 1%… simple as that, but we won’t do it, and naturally, not even Dems are talking about anything like that.)
All this is curious, no?