Grand Old Party Poopers

The tag-line might relate to Congressman Jim Leach and Senator Charles Grassley, both Republicans of Iowa, who are expressing deep reservations as to the support for the President’s plans to decimate social security. This is further evidence in support of my proposition that we no longer need a Democratic Party– the Republicans are perfectly capable of assessing the political lines of no-return, and checking their own executive. God knows, the Dems can’t get it done.
Which takes us back to the main topic: you know who, who as of 0930 local time on 31 March, still refuses to kick off. Mickey Kaus offers the appropriate paradox to liberals. Assuming Terri could be cured by stem cell research, it would be the religious right arguing that it was God’s will that she be put down like a wounded horse. Instead of making the “science is good” and “we need national health care arguments”, liberals almost to a man or woman (I guess I’m now out of that group, by definition, as I am off the reservation on this one and only issue that matters, since as we know bankruptcy reform, ANWR, universal health care and a living wage really are NOT Democratic issues… anymore) simply want her dead. Kaus notes that no less than National Palestine Radio’s Nina Totenberg has asserted that the “moral issue” is universally available health care. AND IT IS. Why is it liberals are so damned pessimistic here that she can “never be cured”… aren’t we (they!) the big proponents of the march of science, and the optimism of technology?
Of course, we do like to make value judgments, and let’s face it: Terri’s life is not worth living. (As the Unseen Editor relates to me, “If you can’t enjoy the feel of good cashmere, the taste of caviar, or regular trips to the Hamptons, really, what IS the point of going on?”)
Well, let me say this, on record. Mrs. TD will understand, as will hopefully, anyone else. If I find myself in a situation near to Terri’s, or really, any situation where I am unable to speak for myself, I want not only ordinary care measures, but I want the same extreme, heroic, irrational measures to keep me alive that the Pope is getting now (or whatever the medical technology equivalent is then) until further notice from me. Although I want the same rule for everyone, but I guess I’ll settle for me.