The Antidote to Civilization

This week’s visit to Pravda (it’s been a while!) gives us this discussion of what appears to be a growing tourist Mecca in the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine… I’m talking about Chernobyl. It’s been near 20 years since the world’s most devastating nuclear power plant accident killed thousands (or was it tens of thousands… given Soviet era obfuscations, no one can be sure…), and resulted in the abandonment of this city of nearly 50,000…
An apparent natural paradise (albeit one with lethal radiation in all directions) appears to have sprouted up, amidest abandoned apartment blocks and government buildings. Some inveterate tourists (the article notes a group of young Finns) finds the place fascinating; local guides seem to make good money shuttling people around on one day excursions around the place.
I’m not sure of the specifics, but I’m pretty sure that, given our current technological abilities to “de-tox” this much released nuclear material, Chernobyl will not be inhabitable for decades… or is it millenia?
Just something else to consider as our own energy thirsts and other (arguably myopic) wants may lead us to go on a blitz of building more nuclear plants… a cautionary tale quite literally from The Twilight Zone