The World as we find it…

First, we’ll start with a quick trip to our comrades at Pravda, particularly our old buddy Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey who takes aim at our European friends (and not us stateside!), with this analysis of the riots in France with a broader eye at European behavior writ large.
Next, I coin a new phrase over at The American Street (at least, I haven’t seen the phrase before); anyway, I’m shocked… shocked, I tell you… to hear that Halliburton not only overcharged the Iraqi people, but delivered them substandard work as well (“Your Halliburton dividend check, Sir? Thank you…”)
The (current) President has been met in Argentina with flowers being strewn by people just ecstatic to see the beloved American leader at the summit of the Americas.
The (former) President has some… issues… with our excellent Iraq adventure.