More Geopolitics for Dummies

Another visit to Pravda, another opportunity to ask an obvious question, this time against the backdrop of this report on rapidly improving relations between India and Russia: since defense trading is so damned critical to countries like Russia, and its desire to make money is what is driving it to sell weaponry to problem-children nations like Iran… and we spend so damned much on our own defense… why don’t we simply buy enough of our defense needs from Russia (or others who might sell to Iran), taking away their incentive to do so…?
We know the answers: (1) the people who run our government are stupid and greedy, and (2) Russian arms makers haven’t set up a sweetheart network of revolving door jobs available to ex-Pentagon officials and K-Street lobbyists to make sure they get “their fair share” of business (and that the relevant people get “their fair share” of kickbacks and bribes.)
The results, of course, are that we will have a harder and harder time keeping Iran from ultimately acquiring nuclear weapons, weapons that its current psychopathic Neanderthal elected President intimates that it intends to use on you know know (who, of course, will retaliate in kind.) Oh… also weapons it might funnel to its terrorist friends like A.Q…. who would then use them, possibly, on you know who… only there wouldn’t necessarily be a return address…