One wonders just how important it is to the Bushmen that Sam Alito be confirmed… it must be damned important, because the Bush Administration has done something it refused to do even to the run-up to the all-important 2002 mid-terms or 2004 presidential election: violate Pakistani airspace to attack a purported Al Qaeda target there, in order to generate a diversion ahead of the senate deliberations (and possible delay by senate Democrats) of the Alito confirmation vote.
Given the Bush Administration’s general competence at everything else, it should come as no surprise that the intended target, Al Qaeda “Number Two” Ayman Al-Zawahiri was not among the 18 dead (which included several children.)
Nope, no surprise at all. You see, its possible that there may be technical problems with OBL himself (though I still think we’ll see that OBL special broadcast around mid-October in time for the Congressional midterms– as I alluded to at this week’s American Street piece)… in any event… Al-Zarqawi Al-Zawahiri may be necessary as a bogeyman should something “unfortunate” happen to OBL himself (or more importantly, to that tape he has prepared for release in October; I understand that just to be safe, they have recorded 30 different versions, to correspond as to which team will win the World Series… I understand that OBL got a big kick about wearing the red “W” cap of the Washington Nationals team…)
The last thing we need at this point is to show the American voters that A.Q. and its leaders are actually vulnerable, and probably weren’t all that formidable in the first place, and you know, maybe got lucky or something on 9-11… and just isn’t the kind of threat warranting, you know, unilateral dismemberment of the Bill of Rights and our system of Constitutional checks and balances… naaaaa….