F***ing Ay!

This is the text of the speech former Vice-President and rightful President, the Sainted Al Gore delivered yesterday, in Washington, to a group dedicated to the preservation of what’s left of our constitution.
Freed up from the idiocies of having to control every facial expression and bodily tick, lest it appear mocked on Saturday Night Live and late night talk shows and then lied about on CNN and in the so-called liberal New York Times and Washington Post… Gore can simply speak his mind.
And he seems to be the only Democrat simply willing to get right to the point, and say it like it is (no, not some horses*** about plantations in a desperate need to veer left with only two years to go until the all-important Iowa caucuses)… and “like it is” is that we are perilously close to reaching the point of no-return to a police state… the essence of tyranny is a government not accountable to laws, or to checks and balances, or to anything else… the kind of government that the Bush II Administration insists that the nebulous war it has unilaterally declared against anyone they decide they are at war with gives them unlimited authority…
authority that no President in over 200 years has remotely claimed.
The Administration’s response is the usual fear-mongering that has greeted every assault on it of any kind for well over four years now, since it first asserted that the American Reichstadt Fire somehow permits the President to shred the Bill of Rights, to invade our privacy, to arbitrarily lock up citizens and non-citizens alike, to subject said people to torture, to ignore laws he doesn’t like, to label critics as traitors, to reveal the identity of covert agents to our enemies for crass political gain… or some swarthy terrorist screaming “Alihu Akbar!” might… no… will kill your children…
Enough of this already. Thank God Al Gore no longer gives a rat’s ass about the knee-jerk (fear-mongering) response he will (naturally) get. Somebody who perhaps someone will listen to… is saying what needs to be said. Or perhaps no one is listening. It still needs to be said.