Bizarro News Day

We’ll start with the not-quite-dead Al Qaeda number two man Ayman Al-ZarqawiZawahiri, fresh from not getting killed in an American drone assault on a house in Pakistan that did kill 18 people including women and children… who released an audio tape of himself reciting poetry. Evidently, the tape was just an undated demo; it failed to make reference to recent A.Q. success stories, or the NFL playoffs… hence, there is no way to know when it was made, but I personally think OBL is fading physically, and can only be brought out for important situations; AAZ will likely be your day-to-day go-to Qaeda guy. Start learning his name.
A gay activist group has set their sites as high as it can get: they mean to infiltrate the White House Easter Egg roll.
In that New York City Transit deal after the strike that I didn’t think was too good (though many thought otherwise)…. was rejected by the rank and file of transit workers themselves, by an absurd vote of 11,234 to 11,227. Perhaps Ken Blackwell or Katherine Harris could conduct a recount for us?
And here’s a bizarre claim for presidential clemency from… the father of American Taliban John Walker Lindh. Good luck there.
What’s next? George W. Bush announcing that he will welcome a Congressional inquiry into whether he has abused his executive powers in conducting the War on Terror TM?
Well, enjoy the day. Only exactly three more years of George W. Bush as President. Unless, of course, he decides that it’s within his “inherent authority as Commander in Chief” to stay on, of course. He’s protecting us, isn’t he?