Help for the lazy blogger

Thankfully, help comes from Gary Farber and the Amygdala blog… most of the links can be found in comments to my posts below (thank you, Gary!), but I’d like to point out, in particular, this post on Administration lies associated with Guantanamo. Consider that our friends at the UN have issued a rather scathing report of their own about Gitmo. Of course, you discerning reader, know all this, because you’ve been getting it straight from the mouths of the horses who have been telling it… to the dog… who vouchsafes it on to you.
Gary has lots of other posts on matters NSA, and a great one on the aftermath and inconsistencies associated with the Affaire Cheney and UnWhittington… My guess is that this was as much a wild turkey hunt as it was a pre-screened-loyalist-farm-raised-so-rich-white-people-could-execute-them-quail shoot… the long delay before notifying the universe as to what happened (including not letting the police in to talk to the Veep until the morning…) was, IMHO, mostly about letting the Veep’s blood-content of something come down to, shall we say… acceptable levels…
Ah well. The image of competent malevolence that we attach to the Vice-President… seems to be… shot. A malevolent Elmer Fudd is just not a formidable image. No, no. I mean, do we really want Al Qaeda to thhee our thhenthhtive thhide? I athhk you!
Dick thheathon! HARRY thheathon!
Dick…you’re dethhpicable.