Isn’t that (Relationship) Special

One might be inclined to read something into the unusually strong statements by Great Britain’s Attorney General calling for the (apparently immediate) closure of the American extra-legal extra-constitutional gulag detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Lord Goldsmith observed that Guantanamo had become a universal symbol of injustice– a stark living source of cognitive dissonance from the usual American image as a beacon of freedom. For his part, George Bush’s Pet Poodle U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair usually notes that it might be “premature” to release “dangerous people” from Gitmo… Lord Goldsmith’s statements were noteworthy for evading that usual weasel qualification. (Readers of this blog have long ago figured out that the dangerous people held at Gitmo have long since been released; most still held now were picked up by Pakistan or the Northern Alliance for the bounties, and are simply unfortunate schmucks in the wrong place at the wrong time. Only ten out of the almost 500 still detained are even charged with “war crimes”, and most of those with the dubious “conspiracy to commit war crimes” with the lone alleged homicide having been committed by a 15-year old in combat.)
Well, well. As the President’s approval ratings at 31% have now dipped to levels unseen before save by Presidents named Nixon, Carter… and someone named Bush… and given a probable slap from the Supreme Court next month when it hands down its decision in Hamdan, this might well be a time to try to cut its losses from Gitmo, as that “9-11 9-11 9-11” mojo seems to be wearing off… Perhaps the Administration will do what it did to the Uighurs recently, but on steroids… to wit, close all of Guantanamo Bay (perhaps building a small to medium size village in Albania capable of holding all of the detainees)… and then argue that “the whole thing is moot.”
Or, perhaps as with everything else, the Bush Administration will simply ignore laws or court decisions it doesn’t like (not to mention statements by furriner attorneys general), or otherwise figure out other games to continue “selling” its brazen lawlessness… Don’t know. Contrary to the wishes of many Britons, Mr. Blair shows no signs of going anywhere. As such, if it’s going to require pressure from him personally for the Bushmen to do anything about Gitmo, than we can safely view Lord Goldsmith’s statements today as more “unhappy talk” of the kind that will be duly ignored by the White House.
Gitmo continues to be an albatross around the American Government’s neck that desperately requires some kind of remedial action. There is no indication that the Bush Government, however, is even capable of noticing…