Saturday Talking Dog Blogging (XI)

And so this week’s segment marks a return to Saturday talking dog blogging. We bring you a sort of cyborg talking dog monster, Dynomutt, who, in honor of Air Force General Michael Hayden, serves his master Blue Falcon (a/k/a millionaire Radley Crowne), pictured with Dynomutt above. You see how it all comes together for us– the military of the militaristic rich “serving us”.
But Dynomutt is less of a true talking dog in the guise of, say, Mr. Peabody or Underdog (i.e. freaks of nautre). Dynomutt is more of a technological creation out of control “supposedly for our benefit“… and most people are convinced that he is indeed a super-hero acting for our benefit, even while the fact of the matter is, he’s in it for himself (and, of course, for the millionaires.).
The thing is, because he comes to us in the guise of a goofy Scooby-Doo knock-off, we think he’s benign, with each fiasco Dynomutt causes, it only appears that we are in need of a super-hero even more, when, in fact, if he (and the big millionaire Bird-man) weren’t there, chances are, things would have worked out fine on their own.
But there you are: Dynomutt is, of course, the talking dog genre gone perverse when injected by out of control technology and the political agenda of the rich. Again, I ask you… wouldn’t things have worked out better without the damned meddling “super-heroes” in the first place?