Turtle Bay Cat-fight

Oooohhh!!! All hail the latest urinating contest between the United States’ outspoken ambassador to the United Nations (and advocate of its destruction) John Bolton and the United Nations Secretariat, notably Mark Malloch Brown of Britain, the U.N. Undersecretary General.
Malloch Brown gave a speech suggesting that the United States “plays” the U.N. by convincing the moron masses in the heartland that the U.N. is utterly irrelevant and to be despised while engaging with it from Bosnia to East Timor to Kosovo to Pakistan to Palestine to Iraq, etc. Worst of all, he suggested that people who listened to Rush Limbaugh were not likely to be getting the truth about much of anything.
Bolton immediately rose to the defense of Rush, insisting that truth is no defense, and the U.N. must apologize because, well… BECAUSE!