Right wing mouthpiece suffers from erectile dysfunction

In the “way too much information” department, we get this report out of Palm Beach, Florida, indicating that Rush Limbaugh was stopped at the airport in Palm Beach when returning from the Dominican Republic on a private plane after authorities discovered a bottle containing Viagra with a label indicating that the prescription was issued to two doctors, but not to Limbaugh himself.
That Houdini of the legal profession (and counsel to Limbaugh) Roy Black immediately came up with a credible sounding excuse for this almost certain violation of Limbaugh’s probation on other drug charges (so credible that Limbaugh wasn’t charged) to wit, the doctors did it that way to protect Rush’s privacy.
Which is most ironic, given that had they played by the rules applicable to the rest of us, the fact that Rush Limbaugh can’t keep it up without the aid of chemicals might not now be universally known.