Ahead of schedule?

That would be referring, of course, to the latest Al Qaeda video, which featured the obligatory visit by “AQ2” Al-Zawahiri, and a man believed to be an American (who made his first AQ video appearance in July), Adam Yehiye Gadahn. The video called on Americans to convert to Islam, and for American troops in Iraq to switch sides, and didn’t threaten any particularly imminent terrorist strikes or even jihad in general.
I’m a little baffled by the timing, as by my own reckonings (at least here and here), I didn’t think we’d be hearing from Al-Zawahiri for another few weeks, or around another month. This could certainly throw off the timing of the dramatic OBL tape, which usually arrives within a week or ten days before the election… unless AQ regards this as more of a Gadahn tape, and the Al-Zawahiri tape will come, as scheduled, probably during the Jewish High Holidays (or right around them).
It’s always possible that Karl’s people sent me the wrong year’s planner… oh wait… I see my mistake… there’s no specific date in the September entry for the Al Zawahiri tape release… It might be on time after all.
Mybad. In the immortal words of Emily Latella… “Never mind.”