Today marks FIVE YEARS of “the talking dog”

That’s right; the first post is dated September 18, 2001, with the World Trade Center then still smoldering. Indeed, this blog is so old, its beginnings pre-date the general use of the term “blog”; indeed, it is arguably the oldest “liberal” blog… assuming anyone accepts that it even is a liberal blog… TTD has even become a source of material for the regular media (at least, if you call NPR “regular media”.)
As to the world at large… things seem to have changed a great deal over the last five years… or have they? I’m still happily married to the lovely and brilliant Mrs. TD… the Loquacious Pup is a thriving young lass… our abode is still Stately Dog Manor… And I still write the blog. FWIW, I hope at least that I’m a better writer… years of practice and all. And, thanks to blogging, I’ve made lots and lots of wonderful new friends, and hope to meet many more.
And while its hard to imagine that my blogging has made any conceivable difference (at a macro level)… at least one can try to fight the good fight, and while we’re at it, try to be an example for others, whether it’s trying to show journalists how they should be covering the war on terror with original interviews of “war on terror” players and experts (as well as with great writers and thinkers), or trying to highlight the contributions of lots and lots of bloggers, some well known and some obscure, using dog breeds (some well known and some obscure.) Needless to say… you’re never quite sure what to expect here at the talking dog… except, of course, for the most important fount of wisdom currently available on the planet. And me… I’ll be around here, somewhere…
Anyway, there you are. No big woop. TTD is 5 years old in Earth time… which in talking dog years… is probably more. Discuss amongst yourselves.
We know you have a choice among diversions for your dwindling free time (even with those filters against viewing the sorts of things you’d like to view while at work). So… I thank my blogging sistren and brethren bloggers for thinking enough of what I’ve written here to link to this site over the years. A special thanks to the Unseen Editor (he knows who he is) for spearheading this blog in the first place, and staying with it for years (until blogging software could be “idiot-proofed” enough for even me to use it.)
And of course, I thank you, dear reader, for flying with reading the talking dog. Y’all come back now… ya’ hear?