Same old Fresh approaches

While all of official Washington awaits the long-awaited major strategy change to turn Iraq away from a bloody and expensive unmitigated disaster for American foreign policy (though it does remain a huge win for anyone with substantial interests tied to the price of petroleum… and hence, a huge win), the military has also come up with a fresh new approach to dealing with those irksome alleged terrorists confirmed super-terrorists at Gitmo: as Bruce the Veep so elegantly puts it, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”
Or, “No More Mr. Nice Torqueamada.”
In short, as construction of a new “super-max”, Camp Six, nears completion, the usual sadist in charge of Gitmo (Rear Admiral Harry Harris) and the new Stupid Sheriff in Town (Col. Wade Dennis) have both insisted that the coddling will end for the nearly 400 men, some of whom (the alleged “worst of the worst”) have already been acknowledgedly tortured for the last 4 or 5 years, and the rest who have simply languished in their arid Caribbean prison for years, without charge, trial, or any hope of release save at the whim of their captors. BTW… most of them were turned over for a bounty, and usually were not even in the same country as “the battlefield,” let alone captured “on the battlefield.”
Most Americans will, of course, simply take this in as whatever “these terrorists” (only 10 out of hundreds have even been charged with anything and most of those charges being the nebulous “conspiracy” to violate the law of war, a non-existent charge in the canons of the laws of the war) deserve… but this detention (and worse) of hundreds or thousands without any transparent means of determining that we are not holding innocent men (a proposition which is supported by our release of nearly half of those held at Gitmo, and our failure to charge over 98%) continues to be a blot on our moral standing, especially in the Islamic world, which is something we are purportedly interested in improving.
As if.