I Walk Crossed the Line

Thus sayeth Monica Goodling, during testimony before a House committee yesterday. She was referring to her service as a loyal Christianist soldier-bot, duly vetting out well-qualified applicants to the Department of Justice for such crimes as contributing to Democratic candidates, or not being bat-shit right-wing enough to satisfy her Pat Robertson-honed political (though clearly not legal) skills.
She also appears to be trying to throw former Deputy Atty. Gen. Paul McNulty and Gonzales aide Kyle Sampson under the bus, by contending that they attended key meetings (along with Gonzales himself) discussing the U.S. Attorney firing scheme with the White House (i.e. Karl Rove), while she did not.
All amazing. Bruce the Veep observes, correctly, that little here (for a change!) is an actual crime, so much as a long-standing tradition that it is unseemly to subvert administration of justice to political ends… maybe we need a Constitutional Amendment to enshrine all this, lest future Presidents act as fecklessly in this regard as this one. (BTW, don’t get me wrong: Sen. Pete Domenici and Congresswoman Heather Wilson should both be facing criminal charges for obstruction of justice… I’m just saying that the White House and Justice Department– for a change– did a great deal morally and objectively wrong here, though not necessarily violative of criminal laws).
Ms. Goodling bought herself immunity for her own “line-crossing”. Maybe she’s not as incompetent as her educational pedigree might lead one to suspect she is…