Pleez give me more turkee, Mr. Preznit

My, my, my, my. What to say about the President’s unscheduled stop in al-Anbar Province in Iraq (on the way to an Asia-Pacific Summit in Australia). He’ll be meeting with Crocker and Petraeus, doubtless to give them pointers on how to read the words Karl has put on their teleprompters for their “big speech” next week (coinciding with 9-11+6.0 TM, a/k/a “Rudy’s Big Show”). Well, a photo op is a photo op. And given that the President can count on Nancy and Harry’s proven continuing support in his warmongering (up to and including our next war with Iran)… well, why shouldn’t the President pull stunts like this?
I just happen to love the picture below, which is why I’m posting it; note the reference to [one of my former employers] the GAO, now called the “Government Accountability Office”: