Once more… with feeling

And so we come to the 6th anniversary of 11 September 2001, now called “Patriot Day” on some calendars, a day in which every level of our government let us down, and many of us managed to save ourselves. While some whose loved ones paid the ultimate price for our government letting us down became millionaires by accepting the government’s (and airline industry’s) hush money, and went on to sing the praises of their perverse new benefactors (such as St. Rudy of Giuliani, or of course, the President), others were somewhat outspoken in their outrage… and drew the wrath of Ann of Coulter for it. Others, like me, were rewarded for their proximity to the events of 9-11 by being sacked from their displaced jobs. Needless to say, the event was played, and played, and played… and we’re still in Iraq, and if we believe our generals, will be for decades, because we allowed the events of that day to prevent us from thinking enough to prevent our “leaders” from leading us over a cliff (that they personally benefited from… of course!)
As is my custom, I will pay my own little tribute to real heroes of 9-11, most of whom will be sadly forgotten thanks to the grandstanding of St. Rudy of Giuliani (and other feckless bastards). The police and fire department personnel who gave their lives that day, and who assisted in the rescue, were truly heroic, and what else can we say?
As I have before, I will start with Richard Pearlman, who was then only 18, an Eagle Scout who trained as an emergency medical technician, and, unlike many other 9-11 heroes who gave their lives, wasn’t paid to be a hero or risk his life… but was making a delivery for his job as a lawyer’s messenger to police headquarters, heard the alarm, and just ran to the WTC… and gave his life trying to help others. As good as it get, folks, and I still cry whenever I read his story (and dare you to read it without crying).
This year, I’ll also add four men whose job it was to help others, the security team from Morgan Stanley led by Rick Rescorla, who literally saved 2,700 people at Morgan Stanley on the 50th to 70th floors of the South Tower who would be dead had Rick not decided to override Port Authority directions to stay put and get them the hell out after the first plane hit… think about that– the death toll would have doubled. Rick actually made it down, but learned that three employees were missing, and went back in, making the ultimate sacrifice; he was joined in this heroic effort by Wesley Mercer, Jorge Velazquez, and Godwin Forde.
Gentlemen, rest in peace. Some of us will not forget you, or your actions.