Rudy, Judy, Booty and Duty

The Rudy laugh fest continues, what with reports that while Mayor (of my fair City), Giuliani arranged for his personal security detail to have his then adulterous tryst with his paramour Judy Nathan in the Hamptons paid for by the City out of various City agencies and funds under the ubiquitous title “security”. It’s one thing for former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi to hae been ridden out of town on a rail for using a State employee to drive his wife to the doctor, but Rudy used City cops to drive him to his mistress, and they had to be housed and fed while doing it… on the taxpayer’s dime!!! And Rudy obscured all the evidence of this by charging the Loft Board, the fund for indigent defendants… hell, anything he could think of getting away with! (Note the reference to the City’s emergency center being in the WTC to it being Rudy’s own love shack.)
I also vaguely recall millions going for a police detail to Rudy post being Mayor… at a time when the new mayor (Billionaire Mike) was shuttering firehouses for lack of money!
Fortunately, it looks like Bible-Thumpin’ Huck may be garnering the good-old boy vote… while not as overt a racist as Rudy, he is from Arkansas, and that might be good enough. (Yes, I realize that arguably Hillary is from Arkansas too, but it’s not the same thing! No one believes she is a racist!)
This has been Rudy, Judy, Booty and Duty.
Update: I think it’s time we considered the possibility that Rudy has super-powers. Neither falling skyscrapers nor corrupt police commissioners he nominates for Homeland Security Secretary nor having his own children refuse to talk to him nor being on his third marriage nor, in the present case, outrageous public corruption and criminally fraudulent accounting to cover the expenses of seeing his mistress (an offense that would get a mere mortal instantaneously indicted) can come close to harming him (let alone derailing his presidential campaign). All of these things just seem to bounce right off of Rudy’s chest! Rudy is clearly no ordinary mortal. We must seriously consider the possibility that he has super-powers (possibly a result of radioactive material released on September 11th… or it is possible that he has always had them.)
How else could he be able to get away with publicly saying that he was only doing this to help out the police officers themselves, lest they have to wait for travel reimbursement!? Or of course, how else could he keep going… and going… after it is revealed (surprise, surprise) that his then mistress Judith Nathan had her own police car and driver (see above, re: Hevesi, Alan, who interestingly, was City Comptroller when Rudy was mayor… hmmm….) (h/t to Bruce the Veep.)
I’ll tell you how I think Rudy does it: super-powers.
While as a registered Democrat and allegedly liberal blogger, it certainly disappoints me that none of our candidates have anything close to super-powers like Rudy (hell, none of the majors have even been divorced!), it does seem more and more obvious each day that Super Rudy Giuliani… just has to. He is simply just above the rest of us.
And the law. Just ask him.