Vox parvi populi

[Ed. note: this is an exceedingly rare “guest post”.]
Hi there. If you think I’m the real blogger here, you are mistaken. Although I am thinking about starting my own blog, I really don’t know anything about politics, other than what I hear from my Daddy (who my Mommy tells me is very, very bitter.) I guess I could write my blog about what goes on in my world– a world in which my Daddy wouldn’t last 5 minutes. For one thing, I’d like to see him keep his tamagachi alive for more than an hour. For another, my Daddy thinks that the Disney Channel Games should be fought to the death, but some kids I know would be really upset if anything bad happened to the Jonas Brothers.

This has been “vox parvi populi”.
Please check out my Daddy’s American Street entry this week, “Be Vewy Quiet, We’we hunting bin Waden.”