Baby Driver

And so, having been established to have committed the heinous crime of embarrassing the Bush Administration before the Supreme Court, it seems that the show-trial must go on, and Salim “OBL’s driver and auto-mechanic” Hamdan’s military commission trial has commenced at Guantanamo Bay, with a selection of military jurors. Hamdan has a fourth grade education, and basically claims he was doing a menial job for a better paycheck than he could get in Yemen.
Although the rules are being made up as they go along, it seems that the current military judge, Capt. Keith Allred of the Navy, isn’t totally with the program, and he has already excluded “evidence” obtained by torture coercive interrogation in Afghanistan, and may well make further rulings of that nature. The prosecution, not wanting to appear fair, dumped a large number of documents on the defense the night before jury selection, including long-requested documents pertaining to torture coercive interrogation in Cuba, and the defense was permitted the opportunity to interview “high value detainees” for possible exculpatory evidence… right before the trial.
Remember how, at Nuremberg, we tried Hitler’s valet, and butler, and chauffeur? YOU DON’T? Why do you hate our troops?