Veep debate (cont’d)

21:40: We’re up to foreign policy, now… Palin continues the incoherence on Iraq… Biden, by contrast, makes sense… I have never seen anything quite like Palin’s incoherence at this level. This is truly remarkable. Palin calls Dems “you’re surrendering! you’re surrendering!” Biden looks so damned reasonable by comparison… I know this will be spun as a Palin win… but really…
NUCULAR? That should disqualify her as it is. Honestly. Nothing else. And now… Ahmadididjad… this is right out of McCain’s last bit… does this s*** play?
Biden correctly reports that Ahmadididjad is not in control of Iran’s security apparatus… come on, Joe…stop with the facts.
Ifill asks about “what to do with nuclear weapons”. Short answer: keep this nasty, stupid anti-intellectual woman’s finger off the button. I think that’s the answer.
I have to stop again. This incoherent twit is calling someone else dangerous?
22:04: I give up. Again… he talks Darfur… she calls him a flip-flopper. It’s a seasoned, principled United States Senator… against a B- high school civics student who once won a beauty contest. I give up. I just give up. If there is anyone in this country who thinks this woman is qualified for higher office and would swear that under oath, they should either be arrested for perjury or found unfit to stand trial for it.