Somehow, your talking dog managed to avoid the storms traveling up the East Coast just long enough to complete the Cox Rhode Race Marathon in Providence, RI in my standard issue time… representing state 12/marathon 23… Regular readers know that on this blog… it’s always about me. Anyway, while many are suffering the agony of either swine-flu or swine-flu like symptoms… I sit in agony as a result of my own actions (including the drive home… through those storms)!
Speaking of agony… we’ll talk about agonizing… And we’ll move on to one of my obsessions, GTMO, which, Candace may yet be the venue for further kangaroo court trials, as alas, the Obama Administration is seriously considering re-starting the (entirely) discredited military commission system.
And while the Obama Administration does its internal group Hamlet act over what to do (rather than doing the right thing, and pushing for immediate court hearings of those held, so that the innocent rubes and schmos wrongly there can be released, and the guilty transparently punished… as if!)… we learn c/o the Grey Lady that the Bush Administration evidently internally agonized over the torture issue … but a careful read of the article shows that it wasn’t really about concern that torture was wrong (or even illegal!), so much as fear of the possibility that the perps would eventually get caught.
The Bushmen should listen to Dr. Chucky Krauthammer (h/t Bruce the Veep…): he has no such misgivings about torture’s importance… indeed, its indispensability. The only agony there is, of course, reading him, and realizing that in some circles, he’s an intellectual heavyweight.
Finally, I’m sure that the family and friends of former NFL quarterback, Congressman and GOP Vice-Presidential family Jack Kemp is mourning Kemp’s death at 73. While Kemp touted kaka pee pee supply side economics (a/k/a “voodoo economics”), in his finest hour, he teamed up with Bob “Tax Collector for the Welfare State’ Dole” to lose to H. Ross Perot Bill Clinton in the ’96 election… despite my own vote for the Dole/Kemp ticket (I felt that Dole and Kemp would have had a much harder time enacting the Republican agenda than Bill Clinton did… I believe I was right, and I still stand by that vote.)
Anyway… R.I.P., Congressman Kemp.
Deep sigh. This has been “Agonistes”.