Profiles in political courage

Dr. Ewart Brown, premier of the local government in Bermuda, has shown immense courage (more courage than the entire United States, btw) in accepting the entry of four completely innocent and found so by our courts former Uighur GTMO detainees… and as a result, the wahoo reactionary political elements in Bermuda are calling for a no-confidence vote (h/t Candace).
Brown, and the Bermuda government, not to be confused with Gordon Brown and the UK government, who we would have thought had tacitly approved this in the first place but whose immediate reaction was to harumph about it, deserve our support and praise. Indeed, unless more countries step up, including this one, to accept men who our courts have found innocent, the President will simply not be able to close GTMO, in a year’s time, or ever, and our nation’s moral standing will forever be besmirched because of our own rather stupid and ill-informed intransigence (and Harry Reid must be removed as “leader”). Candace lets us know the obvious consequences: what other government would want to do the right thing?
As we look on at the demands for human rights in Iran… a quick look in the mirror is in order, as to what we can do here, and now.