To Hizbollah in a Handbasket

The most exciting political development in a number of years (other than some guy named Obama, of course) is the inconceivable-ten-days-ago massive popular uprising in Iran, for which I can only tell you to keep checking in with Al Giordano, who gives us clear-headed analysis like this, or this, or this, that is just second to none. In a world of information overload, I’d just go right to these and cut through the media morass, as the corporate media continues to cower before the mighty power of the Iranian regime… even as the Iranian people courageously defy it!
Who knows what tomorrow, or the next day will bring… as the faltering Khamanei regime and its Ahmadinedjad front man plan their next reactive move… will they issue more edicts… or send in more goons… or crack more heads? And what will we see from the Iranian people (who our corporate media’s back-story has us believe are little more than 70 million Ahmadinedjad clones, but, in reality, are freedom loving human beings, evidently more willing to put their money where their mouth is than many if not most Americans). Well, none of us do, I suppose… but Al will likely have it first, well ahead of our not-ready-for-prime-time regular media.
Stay tuned… we could be in for a bumpy night…