Birthday greetings…

Happy birthday to my college classmate, President Barack Hussein Obama, who turns 48. (Wherever it was he was actually born! Hey birthers… three words for you: GET. OVER. IT.) Helen Thomas, who turns 89 , joined in the birthday revelries with the President.
Enough of this: Mr. President, I never want to hear the word “bipartisan” or any variant thereof during the rest of your Presidency. You have enough votes in both houses of Congress to treat the Republicans as what they are: an irrelevance. (Indeed, given the tendency of GOP Senators from Latino heavy states to announce their opposition to soon-to-be-Justice Sotomayor’s confirmation, they seem to have a political suicide pact as well as being irrelevant– all the more reason not to try to do anything they want… they’re politically insane as it is.) If your own party members think that they can stand in the way of your agenda– the agenda the American people overwhelmingly support– then the two words “primary challenger” should be enough to put them in their place and bring them back to the fold. And if not: pull the trigger and support primary challengers. And yes, Ben Nelson and Max Baucus, I’m talking to you.
ENOUGH. Now go enjoy your birthday, Mr. President. (At 14 months and change older than your talking dog, the President had best enjoy himself while he’s still young not quite old.)