Go figure

A nation that has already gone ahead and sacrificed its soul out of a chicken-shit fear that men it has (not always, but almost always wrongfully, btw) held without charge or trial for over eight years and counting “might some day somehow do something bad”… apparently isn’t very good at judging bad things done by actual bad people here… certainly when said people are white, well-educated and well-connected…
Surprise, surprise, that Dr. Amy Bishop, the (accused) homicidal maniac who massacred the committee that denied her tenure at the University of Alabama Huntsville killing three and wounding three others, had previously.. wait for it… “accidentally” killed her own brother with a shotgun after an argument… in 1986. Evidently, the police officer in the field believed that the earlier killing was a homicide, but there is much confusion over the probable fact that the chief of police (and/or others better connected than the mere investigating officer) intervened to back the mother’s story of “an accident” notwithstanding much evidence to the contrary.
I think the whole point here is that people just have to be considered innocent until proven guilty– even when the crimes involved are heinous. I have no idea what happened in Braintree, Mass. in 1986, or how or why Seth Bishop was killed then. Maybe it really was a freak accident. And maybe Dr. Bishop will be able to demonstrate some kind of a legal defense to the accusation that she shot up a faculty meeting… of course, the fact that she brought a gun to a situation where she might emotionally react if it did not go her way is enough to be highly suspicious to me… but even she will get a fair trial.
Funny… to me, any one who murders multiple people in a public place, such as a college office, is a terrorist. But then, there was no accusation that Dr. Bishop was some kind of anarchist communist Muslim, now is there?
As always… heinous acts that result in the deaths of multiple innocent people, when committed by White Americans, will likely be considered the legitimate exercise of Second Amendment rights; even if crimes, constitutional protections associated with investigation, charge and trial will somehow apply. The very same acts, when committed by any one except White Americans, will be considered acts of terrorism, for which we simply cannot afford due process of law, the Constitution isn’t a suicide pact and… well… YOU KNOW.
Go figure.